Mayborn Museum


The Bird Collection at the Mayborn Museum Complex contains 2167 specimens from 484 species which were collected over the last 145 years. Over 60% of the specimens were collected in Texas.

Notable specimens in the museum’s holdings include a Bay Breasted Warbler collected in Indiana in 1871, a Common Puffin collected in 1959 at the North Pole, and two Golden Eagles collected in Denton County, Texas in 1906.

In addition to the birds, 286 nests and 1623 eggs are also included in the museum's collection. Half of the eggs were collected by George W. Carroll, who was also the lead financial donor for the Carroll Science Building on the Baylor University campus. Between 1882 and 1902, Mr. Carroll collected eggs from 39 of the 50 states and from every continent except Antarctica. The nest collection has been contributed by numerous friends of the museum, with over 80% collected in Texas.