Personal Artifacts

Mayborn Museum

Personal Artifacts

Personal artifacts are created to serve the personal needs of an individual and thus include as such objects of personal adornment, clothing, personal gear, and toilet articles. "Personal adornment" describes objects such as pins, brooches, necklaces, rings, and hair barrettes. Clothing artifacts include not only objects such as dresses, petticoats, shirts, pants, coats, and shoes but also accessories such as cuff links, hat pins, collars, and ties. Personal gear artifacts are objects that provide protective or personal aid such as umbrellas and eyeglasses. Toilet articles are objects created for personal care, hygiene, or grooming, and include well-known objects such as razors and hairbrushes and also lesser-known objects such as ear wax spoons and chamber pots.

Examples of some personal artifacts in the Mayborn Museum collection are:

  • A small, round, silver fob with "Baylor University 1855" and "R.C. Burleson Pres." etched in script,
  • A lace collar knitted by Mrs. Mabry Tucker Cox in 1860. Mrs. Cox was a pioneer of Bell County,
  • High top, leather ladies shoes that belonged to Kate Ewing Robinson who attended Baylor University in Independence from 1880 to 1881,
  • A black, formal man’s suit coat that was worn by Mr. J.H. Webb at his wedding in 1880.
  • The wedding ensemble consisting of a dress and petticoat that was worn by Rebecca Williams on her wedding day, February 3, 1836, when she married Henry Lee Graves, who became Baylor University President in 1846,
  • A white, cotton child’s slip made for baby Lucy by her grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Jane Cox in 1877,
  • A cane made from a cotton stalk used by Mr. A. J. Rosser in 1851 in Falls City, Texas,
  • Eyeglasses owned by Judge R.E.B. Baylor, one of the founders of Baylor University,
  • A straight razor that belonged to the grandfather of Pat Neff, Governor of Texas and President of Baylor University.