Mayborn Museum


Furnishings are artifacts created to provide for the physical needs of people by offering comfort, convenience, or protection. Categories of furnishings includes Bedding, Floor Coverings, Furniture, Household Accessories, Light Devices, Plumbing Fixtures, Temperature Control Devices, and Window and Door Coverings.

Example of some furnishings in the Mayborn Museum collection are:

  • A quilt from the Miller-Young Collection, which was made by ten year-old Frances Johanna Miller in 1895, and a white, fringed bedspread reportedly made and used by Mother Neff, mother of Texas Governor and Baylor President Pat Neff,
  • A chair, an ottoman, and the four-poster bed that belonged to Judge R.E.B. Baylor, one of the founders of Baylor University, and a chair used by Dr. Henry Lee Graves, who was President of Baylor University at Independence, Texas, from 1846 to 1851,
  • A needlework sofa cushion cover in red, green, black, yellow, and purple made by Sarah Allen Huckins Davis in 1866,
  • Brass kerosene lamps used to light the Providence Baptist Church in Bastrop County, the first organized Baptist Church in Texas, founded on March 29, 1835.
  • A bathtub made in 1875 from a rough sketch drawn by Mr. Daniel A. Kelley (Baylor Law 1871) of a tub he saw in Mt. Vernon and wished to have in his own home,
  • A metal match holder that belonged to the donor's grandfather; Josiah F. Brightwell, who settled near Lorena, Texas in the 1880s and worked as a peace officer, cattle trader and farmer.