Jeanes Discovery Center

Mayborn Museum

Jeanes Discovery Center

Themed Discovery Rooms occupy two floors of one wing of the museum complex. Providing visitors with hands-on activities, these rooms are designed to invigorate young imaginations. Children and families will be thrilled to discover the hidden colors within light, to play a tune on the walk-on piano, and to walk beside dinosaurs in the Jurassic.

  • Play Waco
  • Light and Sound - Now Open!
  • Design Den
  • Water and Bubbles
  • Native American
  • Energy
  • Back to the Jurassic Augmented Reality
  • Simple Machines
  • Pioneer
  • Tea Room
  • People of the World

  • Coming Fall 2019
  • Backyard Ecology


Back to the Jurassic Augmented Reality
Back to the Jurassic Augmented Reality

Step back in time to the Jurassic through augmented reality and see yourself side by side with a life-sized T-Rex, a pack of raptors, or a giant Diplodocus.

This new experience in the Harry and Anna Jeanes Discovery Center will also serve as a preview for new and exciting exhibits coming to the Mayborn.