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Central Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics meeting held in Waco

Feb. 26, 2010

CTCTM Past Presidents and Barbara Reys
Dr. Barbara Reys, center, flanked by past CTCTM presidents, from L-R, Tommy Bryan, Mary Margaret Shoaf, Rachelle Meyer, and Trena Wilkerson

The Tenth Annual Conference of the Central Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics, CTCTM, was held on Saturday morning, February 20, at the Region 12 Service Center in Waco. More than 150 K-12 teachers, teacher education students, and college faculty were present for the keynote address delivered by Dr. Barbara Reys, Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Missouri and current President of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators. Dr. Reys' address was followed by four breakout sessions addressing the teaching and learning of mathematics in the elementary, middle school, and secondary grades. Some of these informative sessions were led by faculty and/or teacher education students from Baylor. Being the tenth such conference since CTCTM came into existence, former presidents (all BU faculty members in mathematics or mathematics education) were recognized for their contributions in building from scratch what has become a vital contributor and support provider for the mathematics education of the children and young adults in Central Texas.

CTCTM and Sandi Cooper
Dr. Sandi Cooper and participants

CTCTM and Mary Margaret Shoaf Cooper
Dr. Mary Margaret Shoaf with student teachers