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Baylor University Hosts the 1051st Meeting of the AMS

Nov. 4, 2009

On October 16-18 2009, Baylor University hosted the 1051st meeting of the American Mathematical Society. This is the first time that Baylor has hosted an AMS regional meeting. More than 350 mathematicians attended this three-day meeting which was held in the Baylor Sciences Building. For more information, please visit the web page Baylor/AMS Meeting.

Baylor Sciences Building
AMS participants enjoying the comforts of the BSB

There were 17 special sessions (where more than 250 talks were given) held during the meeting, six of which were organized by Baylor faculty:

1) Topological Methods for Boundary Value Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations (Johnny Henderson)

2) The Topology of Continua (David Ryden)

3) Numerical Solutions of Singular or Perturbed Partial Differential Equation Problems with Applications (Tim Sheng)

4) Mathematical Aspects of Spectral Problems Related to Physics (Klaus Kirsten and Jon Harrison)

5) Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, and Representations (Markus Hunziker, Mark Sepanski, and Ron Stanke)

6) Dynamic Equations on Time Scales: Analysis and Applications (John Davis).

In addition, there were four plenary talks given:

1) Representation Theory and Gauge Theory (David Ben-Zvi, University of Texas at Austin)

2) Surface Quasi-Geostrophic Equation: a Review (Alexander Kiselev, University of Wisconsin)

3) Mathematics, Cell Metabolism, and Public Health (Michael C. Reed, Duke University)

4) Mathematics and General Relativity (Igor Rodnianski, Princeton University).

Sid Rich Office Picture
A Special Session lecture by Charles Conley

Sid Rich Office Picture
Mike Reed giving his plenary lecture