Math Department Welcomes New Faculty Members for Fall 2019

August 8, 2019

The Department of Mathematics welcomes several new faculty members in the fall of 2019.

Joining the math faculty are Dr. Dorina Mitrea, who is the new Chair of the Department, new Full Professor Marius Mitrea, regular lecturers Reeve Hunter and Dana Winters, and new post doctoral fellow Sergio Mayorga.

Dorina Mitrea150x180 Marius Mitrea150x180
Dorina and Marius Mitrea

Both Dorina and Marius join Baylor University from the University of Missouri where they both were Professors of Mathematics. For further information on both Mitreas, please click on the links for Dorina Mitrea and Marius Mitrea.

Reeve Hunter, who earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from Baylor (under the direction of Dr. David Ryden) in 2016, spent the last three years as a lecturer at the University of Georgia. Dana Winters earned her M.S. in mathematics from Texas Women's University in 2014; she previously was an adjunct lecturer at Baylor University.

ReeveHunter150x180 DanaWinters150x180
Reeve Hunter and Dana Winters

Sergio Mayorga recently finished his Ph.D. degree in 2019 from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His area of research includes partial differential equations and, in particular, mean field games.


Sergio Mayorga
The Department of Mathematics welcomes our newest faculty members!
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