Two Baylor Math Seniors Win Accolades for their Posters at JMM Meeting in Atlanta

January 20, 2017

Megan Hollister and Emily Joslin, both senior mathematics majors at Baylor, learned recently that their undergraduate poster presentations, given at the Joint Mathematical Meetings in Atlanta in January 2017, were judged in the top 15% of all posters presented. There were more than 350 posters presented at the JMM from undergraduate students from the United States.

Megan's poster was based on undergraduate research she did while participating in an REU at North Carolina State University last summer. She was mentored by Dr. Marina Evans, a biomedical engineer with the EPA. The project, which involved partial differential equations, numerical analysis and modeling, was to determine the significance of metabolism in calculating dermal toxicity of chemicals in consumer products. Their conclusion was that the EPA needs to include metabolism in their toxicity experiments.

Emily's poster was based on work that she did while involved in an REU at Fairfield University this past summer. The title of her project was Chaos and Integrability in Mushroom Billiards. Mathematical billiards are simple mechanical models of systems of particles colliding with a fixed boundary. The theory of chaotic and integrable billiards are reasonably understood but much less is known about systems with mixed phase space in which chaotic and integrable components coexist. Emily's work involved a numerical study of a class of mushroom billiards with mixed phase space.

The Department of Mathematics is proud of the work and achievements of Megan and Emily!

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