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Markus Hunziker named in the 2013-14 class of Baylor Fellows

July 15, 2013

Dr. Markus Hunziker, Associate Professor of Mathematics, was recently named as one of the ten new Baylor Fellows in Baylor's Academy of Teaching and Learning for the academic year 2013-2014. Markus joins colleague Brian Raines (2011-2012) as the two Baylor Fellows from the Department of Mathematics.

Markus Hunziker
Markus Hunziker

The Baylor Fellows Program recognizes professors across the disciplinary spectrum who exemplify excellence in teaching. Baylor Fellows are committed to pedagogical innovation, inspirational teaching, and the cultivation of these among Baylor faculty. This program began in the Fall of 2011 and seeks to honor faculty members who exhibit excellence in teaching and desire to transform student thinking through innovations in teaching. Honorees receive a modest stipend as well as the title of "Baylor Fellow" for the year of their appointment.

Baylor Provost Elizabeth Davis wrote to each of the 2013-14 Fellows: "Congratulations on being selected as a Baylor Fellow for the 2013-14 academic year. I'm looking to you and your new colleagues to be leaders and exemplars on campus as we continue to improve, innovate, and articulate the true promise of a Baylor education."

Lance Littlejohn, Chair of the Department of Mathematics, said that Dr. Hunziker is a very worthy choice for a Baylor Fellow. "Markus is an extraordinarily gifted teacher in our department", Littlejohn says, "he is capable of teaching a wide variety of courses in an excellent manner; furthermore, he holds his students to high standards and always delivers a superb job in the classroom".

Baylor University's Academy for Teaching and Learning (ATL) is under the leadership of Dr. J. Lenore Wright. The ATL has a two-fold mission: globally, to support and inspire a flourishing community of learning; locally, to promote the integration of teaching, scholarship, collegiality, and service in a Christian environment. This pursuit of wholeness reflects the University's pursuit of personal and academic integrity: the integrated person in the integrated community.

The primary aim of the Baylor Fellows program is to recognize outstanding teachers across the disciplines and honor these individuals by giving them the opportunity to experiment with new approaches to teaching. The Baylor Fellows program encourages teaching approaches that will deepen student engagement with ideas, course material, and disciplinary patterns of thought. A secondary program aim is to provide a forum in which Baylor Fellows can share and discuss their efforts to foster effective thinking in students. Discussions are held monthly over lunch. All full-time faculty members, regardless of rank, are eligible to serve as Baylor Fellows.