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Jon Keating, FRS, Gives Seventh Annual 'Baylor Lecture Series in Mathematics' talks

July 11, 2013

Professor Jon Keating, the Henry Overton Wills Professor of Mathematics and Dean of Science at Bristol University(England), was the seventh speaker in the annual Baylor Lecture Series in Mathematics.

Jon Keating
Professor Jon Keating, FRS

Dr. Keating, a Fellow of the Royal Society, gave two lectures during his visit from October 30-November 2. His public lecture, suitable for a general audience, was given on Thursday, October 31 at 4:00 pm in BSB D10. The title of his lecture was "Primes, Quantum Mechanics, Random Matrices and the Riemann Hypothesis". His second lecture was given in SR 344; the title of this lecture was "Primes, Polynomials and Random Matrices".

For more information on Dr. Keating's lectures and biographical background, please click on Baylor Lecture Series in Mathematics.