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"Math" and "Fun" In The Same Sentence? See Pics For Proof!

Dec. 22, 2011

Steve Cates Calculus 1 Class
Steve Cates with his "Be Bold, Wear Gold" Calculus 1 class

Steve Cates PreCalculus Class
Steve Cates with his PreCalculus class on College Colors Day

Take a guess when these two pictures were taken? Were they taken after Baylor beat Oklahoma? Or Texas? Or after RGIII won the Heisman? No, no, and no! They were taken in Steve Cates' Calculus 1 and PreCalculus classes on Friday, September 2. That night, we beat TCU 50-48.... to start the magical, and unforgettable, 2011 football season!

Thanks to Steve for providing these wonderful pictures! And special thanks to the many Baylor students in these photos who so proudly stressed the "Be Bold, Wear Gold" theme on College Colors Day!