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ALEKS Feb1, 2017 -- Feb 1, 2018 Cohort

ALEKS Feb 1, 2017 -- Oct 1, 2018 Course Code

If you intend to take the ALEKS placement exam to place in to courses for the Fall 2017 semester, and you are not visually impaired, then click on the link below to log in with your Baylor ID.  After logging in you will be redirected to the ALEKS testing site.  Be prepared to enter the course code below. After you enter the course code and take your first assessment, a $25 fee will be added to your student account.

IMPORTANT: The ALEKS placement test is designed to be completed by the student without any outside assistance. The following are prohibited:

  • using a calculator of any kind (other than when ALEKS provides one)
  • obtaining help from another person
  • accessing resources from the internet, books, notes, etc.
Doing so is a violation of the Baylor Honor Code and will likely result in you being placed in a mathematics course for which you are not prepared.

ALEKS testing site

Course Code: 4E3RG-4NVEX