Tao Mei

Tao Mei
Professor of Mathematics
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Ph.D., Texas A&M university, 2006 (Advisor: Gilles Pisier)

Dr. Mei joined the Baylor faculty Aug. 2015. Prior to coming to Baylor he taught at Wayne State University (2010-2015) and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2006-2010). He obtained his Ph.D. at Texas A&M University. He has traveled extensively throughout the world and, in particular, frequently to work with colleagues in France, Spain, and China. His hobbies include chess, ice skating and tennis (on table and on court). Dr. Mei is a co-organizer of the regional semi-annual Brazos Analysis seminar (jointly with Mehrdad Kalantar from U. Houston and Michael Brannan from Texas A&M University).

Academic Interests and Research:
• Functional analysis/Harmonic Analysis; e.g. Operator (Matrix)-Valued function spaces, Fourier multipliers on nonabelian discrete groups/von Neumann algebras, Semigroups of operators, Noncommutative Lp spaces/Operator spaces.
• Stochastic processes; e.g. Maximal inequalities for martingales, Probability method of solving problem in analysis, Noncommutative Martingales.

External Funding

PI, NSF award DMS-1700171, Fourier Multipliers on Noncommutative Lp Spaces, August 2017-July 2020, $150000.

PI, NSF award DMS-1700320, Brazos Analysis Seminar, March 2017 - February 2020, $45000.

PI, NSF award DMS-1632435, August 2015 - July 2017, $50366 transferred from DMS-1266042.

PI, NSF award, DMS-1266042, August 2013 - July 2015, $136000.

PI, NSF award, DMS-0901009, June 2009 - December 2010, Co-PI January 2011 - May 2013, $110800.

Recent Publications:
1. T. Mei and E. Ricard, Free Hilbert Transforms, Duke Mathematical Journal, to appear.

2. M. Junge, T. Mei and J. Parcet, Noncommutative Riesz transforms- a dimension free estimate, Journal of European Math. Society, to appear.

3. T. Mei and M. de la Salle, Complete boundedness of Heat Semigroups on the von Neumann Algebra of Hyperbolic Groups, Transactions of the AMS, 369 (2017), no. 8, 5601-5622.

4. J. M. Conde, T. Mei and J. Parcet, Large BMO spaces vs interpolation, Analysis and PDE, 8 (2015), 713-747.

5. M. Junge, T. Mei and J. Parcet, Smooth Fourier Multipliers on Group von Neumann Algebras, Geometric Analysis and Functional Analysis, 24 (2014), 1913-1980.

Recent Invited Lectures:
1. September 2017, Invited speaker, Special session on Banach spaces and applications, AMS regional meeting at Denton, University of Texas at Dallas, TX.
2. May 2017, Main speaker, International Conference on Probability Methods in Harmonic Analysis, Wuhan, China.
3. May 2016, Plenary speaker, GPOTS at Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, IL.
4. October 2015, Invited speaker, AMS regional meeting at Memphis, special session on Banach spaces and applications, University of Memphis, TN.
5. October 2014, Main speaker, "Functional calculus and Harmonic analysis of semigroups" workshop, Besancon,France.
6. June 2013, Mini course lecture at `Research Term on Operator Algebra Methods in Harmonic Analysis ' May 20-June 14, ICMAT, Madrid.
7. June 2013, Main speaker, Workshop on Operator Spaces, Harmonic Analysis and Quantum Probability, ICMAT, Madrid.
8. June 2012, Plenary speaker, 9th International Conference on Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, El Escorial, Madrid, Spain.

Undergraduate Thesis Advised:
Victoria Susan Banks, Wayne state University, "Inequalities for functions of 2 by 2 matrices2014.

Courses interested to teach at Baylor:
• MTH 1321, MTH 1322 - Calculus I, II
• MTH 3323 - Introduction to Real Analysis
• MTH 3325 - Ordinary Differential Equations
• MTH 3326 - Partial Diff Equations
• MTH 6V23 - Functional Analysis
• MTH 5323-24 - Real Analysis


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