B. A. in Mathematics with Mathematics Education Concentration

Purpose: This option is intended for students majoring in mathematics who desire to teach secondary school mathematics in Texas. Students successfully completing this option will be certified to teach high school mathematics in Texas.

Requirements for a BA in Mathematics (Mathematics Education Concentration)

Thirty semester hours including the following:

A. MTH 1321, 1322, 2311, 2321, 3300 (for Catalog years 2013 and later), 3312, 3323, 3350, and STA 3381.

B. Six hours (three hours for Catalog years 2013 and later) of "3000" or "4000" level mathematics courses, including at least three hours at the "4000" level.

C. A grade of "C" or better in thirty hours of mathematics courses used for the major.

Required Courses in other fields:

A. MTH 3340.

B. Completion of the Minor in Mathematics Education (School of Education). See below for these requirements.

Minor in Mathematics Education

Completion of 30 semester hours.

TED 2340 Teaching in Secondary Schools

TED 3340 Teaching Associates Secondary: Part I

TED 3341 Teaching Associates Secondary: Part II

TED 3383 Secondary Math Practicum I

TED 3384 Secondary Math Practicum II

TED 4348 Secondary Math Curriculum

TED 4640 Internship Secondary: Part I

TED 4641 Internship Secondary: Part II

Requirements for admission and retention in the minor.

Students will declare the minor through the advising office of the School of Education (SOE). The SOE will advise for the courses in the minor but not for the math major.

Minimum grade point average for admission and retention:

A. Overall: 2.6

B. Math: 2.6

C. Teacher Education: 2.6

Other requirements for recommendation for certification include:

Acceptable scores on the Texas Examination of Educators Standards (TExES) for both the teaching area (Math) and Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities.


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