Transfer Policy

All online, mini-semester, and correspondence mathematics courses must meet with the approval of the Department of Mathematics regardless if these courses are (Texas) common course numbers.

If a student has taken a mathematics course at another university, then, to determine whether that course will count as one of the current Baylor mathematics courses, the Mathematics Department will base its decision on the other university's catalog description of the course and/or the other university's official syllabus for the course. If an individual instructor at the other university has covered extra material in the course, material that does not appear on the other university's catalog description or official web page for the course, then such extra material will not be taken into consideration in making the decision.

MTH 1309, Calculus for Business Students, includes material on functions of several variables. If a transfer student has C or better in a business calculus course that does not include functions of several variables, the student may take a test over this material administered by the Department of Mathematics at no cost. If the student passes the test the department will allow the business calculus course to replace MTH 1309. Contact the Department of Mathematics for details.


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