Sid Richardson Building Guidelines and Rules

Sid Richardson Building 2nd & 3rd Floor Academic Classroom Guidelines & Rooms

The following are guidelines and procedures for the 2nd & 3rd floor classrooms in Sid Richardson Building (SR) which are to be followed by all faculty and guests of the building. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that the property and facilities of SR are used safely and responsibly for the educational, cultural, spiritual, and social benefit of the Baylor community.

Building hours are :

Sid Richardson Building hours.

Sunday through Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Holidays: The building is closed on campus holidays.

Semester breaks: The building closes earlier at 7:00 PM

Room Set-Up Policies

• All rooms used must be returned to their original set up immediately following the class or event. Any movement of tables and/or chairs within the rooms must be done by the group reserving the room.

• As part of the Baylor family, please be respectful and use furniture or additional items within these rooms with care. Furniture and equipment may not be moved from the premises or from one room to another.

• In compliance with City Fire Codes, each room has a maximum capacity based on the type of event. Please adhere to these capacity limits designed for your safety.

Rm No. Max Seating Type AV Boards  
203 30 computer desks Computer yes white  
204 13 desks Lecture no white  
206 31 desks Lecture yes chalk/white  
207 42 desks Lecture yes chalk  
208 42 desks Lecture yes chalk  
210 36 desks Lecture yes chalk/white  
212C 34 desks Lecture yes white  
213 35 desks Lecture yes chalk/white  
214 35 desks Lecture yes chalk  
216 36 desks Lecture yes chalk/white  
224 45 desks Lecture yes chalk/white  
225 45 desks Lecture yes chalk/white  
226 48 desks Lecture yes chalk/white  
321 24 tables/chairs Lecture yes chalk/white  
324 36 desks Lecture yes white  
325 35 desks Lecture yes white  
326 45 desks Lecture yes white  
333 18 tables/chairs Lecture yes chalk  
344 48 desks Lecture yes chalk/white  
Food/Drink and Catering Policies

• No food or drinks are allowed in the SR classrooms, except bottled water. The rooms are carpeted and we want to keep them looking nice.


• There is one bulletin board on the 2nd floor for students who wish to post flyers.

Prohibited Items and Activities


• No nails, tape, tack, staples

• No crepe or tissue paper

• No paper ribbon

• No glitter or confetti

• All other things of this nature are prohibited

Flammable Material

• No straw, hay, evergreens

• No candles, open flames

• No paint, spray glue, spray paint or aerosols

• No painting in rooms

•All other things of this nature are prohibited

Smoking/Tobacco Products

• No tobacco or related products in SR

• No smoking inside SR (smoking outside of SR must be thirty (30) feet away from the premises.)


• No animals, with the exception of seeing-eye or guide dogs

• No firearms or weapons of any kind

• No alcohol, illegal drugs or other illicit substances

• No unauthorized publications and postings (see Poster/Flier Procedure)

• No external business solicitations

• No bicycles, skateboards and roller blades. (bicycles must be secured on the racks provided outside the premises.)

Please refer to the Baylor Risk Management Policy 11.1.9 for guidelines concerning decorations. To view these guidelines, please go to the Risk Management website and select Manuals and Policies.


• Baylor University standards of conduct apply to anyone in SR. Any person engaging in inappropriate conduct or language, disrupting performances, or creating disturbances will be asked to leave the premises and/or will be escorted from the building by Baylor DPS.

• If an event requires security, the group reserving must submit the proper paperwork to Baylor DPS, 254-710-2222, who will confirm and provide appropriate personnel. Groups are responsible for any fee required by Baylor DPS. After submission of Baylor DPS paperwork, a copy of the Baylor DPS agreement must be submitted with a completed SR Room Request Form.

Damages and Liability

• The person responsible for the event should check the room upon entry and also immediately after the event, to look for items that are broken or for any obvious damage.

• Report damages immediately to the SR 317B, 254-710-3561, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday. Damages will be verified and alternate arrangements will be made if the damages are noticed and reported before the event.

• Damage to any room, space, furnishings and/or equipment by a group will result in appropriate charges, based on fair market cost of replacement, repair, or additional cleaning to SR property or equipment.

• The group will be notified of the damages in writing and a conference will be held with the group representatives, Mathematics Department, and the Supervisor of Baylor Housekeeping to determine the extent of damages. An invoice will be sent to the group to make restitution.

• In all cases of required additional cleaning or damages, no further reservations will be accepted until damages are paid in full.

• Groups reserving rooms within the building are responsible for making sure that each guest is abiding by the building guidelines. Groups will be held accountable for any alterations or damages to building property and/or equipment.


The Mathematics Department reserves the right to inspect and control all functions. The Mathematics Department will not assume responsibility for the damage to, or loss of, any personal property.


Sid Richardson Science Building
1410 S.4th Street
Waco, TX 76706

(254) 710-3561