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Former Ph.D. Students

The department's first Ph.D. graduate, Parmjeet Singh, with her advisor, Dr. Johnny Henderson, in 2003

Baylor's Ph.D. students in Mathematics

48. Jordan Courtemanche (2017) "Local Automorphisms of Finitary Incidence Algebras" (Advisors: Manfred Dugas and Daniel Herden)

47. Josh Padgett (2017) "Solving Degenerate Stochastic Kawarada Partial Differential Equations" (Advisor: Qin (Tim) Sheng)

46. Reeve Hunter (2016) "The Specification Property and Chaos in Multidimensional Shift Spaces and General Compact Metric Spaces" (Advisor: Brian Raines)

45. Nathan Averbeck (2016) "Chaos in Dendritic and Circular Julia Sets" (Advisor: Brian Raines)

44. Tim Tennant (2016) "Chaotic Properties of Set-Valued Dynamical Systems" (Advisor: Brian Raines)

43. Charles F. Nelms Jr. (2016) "Eigenvalue Comparison Theorems for Certain Boundary Value Problems and Positive Solutions for a Fifth Order Singular Boundary Value Problem" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

42. Quinn Wicks (2016) "Glazman-Krein-Naimark Theory, Left-Definite Theory, and the Square of the Legendre Polynomials Differential Operator" (Advisors: Lance Littlejohn and Constanze Liaw)

41.Brian Streit (2015) "Conformal Mapping Methods for Spectral Zeta Function Calculations" (Advisor: Klaus Kirsten)

40. Curtis Graham (2015) "Boundary Conditions Dependence of Spectral Zeta Functions" (Advisor: Klaus Kirsten)

39. Huy V. Nguyen (2015) "Krylov Methods for Solving a Sequence of Large Systems of Linear Equations" (Advisor: Ronald B. Morgan)

38. Zhao Yang (2015) "A Multigrid Krylov method for Eigenvalue Problems" (Advisor: Ronald B. Morgan and Jonatan Lenells)

37. Dylan Poulsen (2015) "Stability and Control of Stochastic Time Scales" (Advisor: John M. Davis)

36. James Kelly (2015) "Inverse Limits with Ireducible Set-valued Functions" (Advisor: David Ryden)

35. Brian Brennan (2015) "Numerical Analysis of a Multi-Physics Model for Trace Gas Sensors" (Advisor: Robert C. Kirby)

34. Jordan Alexander (2014) "On quasi-dominant weights and Hilbert series of determinantal varieties" (Advisor: Markus Hunziker)

33. Jessica D. Stewart (2014) "Spectral Analysis of the Exceptional Laguerre and Jacobi Equations" (Advisor: Lance Littlejohn)

32. Bradley Wagner (2014)"Finitary Incidence Algebras" (Advisor: Manfred Dugas)

31. Geoff Eisenbarth (2013) "Quadratic Lyapunov Theory for Dynamic Linear Switched Systems." (Advisor: John Davis)

30. Gail Ann Hartsock (2013) "A Combinatorial Property of Bernstein-Gelfand-Bernstein Resolutions of Unitary Highest Weight Modules" (Advisor: Markus Hunziker)

29. Xueyan Liu (2013) "Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions of Boundary Value Problems by Matching Solutions" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

28. Kelly Fouts Aceves (2013) "On a Ring Associated to F[x]" (Advisor: Manfred Dugas)

27. Shawn Sutherland (2013) "Existence of Positive Solutions to Right Focal Three Point Singular Boundary Value Problems" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

26. Pedro Morales (2012) "Spectral Functions for Generalized Piston Configurations" (Advisor: Klaus Kirsten)

25. Casey Sherman (2012) "Orbit Structures of Homeomorphisms" (Advisor: Brian Raines)

24. Jose Franco (2012) "Global SL(2,R) Representations of the Schrödinger Equation with Time-dependent Potentials" (Advisor: Mark Sepanski)

23. Jeffrey Neugebauer (2011) "Comparison of Smallest Eigenvalues and Extremal Points for Third and Fourth Order Three Point Boundary Value Problems" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

22. Brent Hamilton (2011) "Asymptotic Arc-Components in Inverse Limits of Dendrites" (Advisor: Brian Raines)

21. Jeffrey Lyons (2011) "Boundary Data Smoothness for Solutions of Nonlocal Boundary Value Problems" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

20. Brian Williams (2010) "Indecomposability in Inverse Limits" (Advisor: David Ryden)

19. Drew Pruett (2010) "Diagrams and Reduced Decompositions for Cominuscule Flag Varieties and Affine Grassmannians" (Advisor: Markus Hunziker)

18. Davut Tuncer (2009) "The Left-Definite Spectral Analysis of the Legendre-type Differential Equation" (Advisor: Lance Littlejohn)

17. Alexander Cornelius (2009) "Inverse Limits of Set-Valued Functions" (Advisor: David Ryden)

16. Alice Ramos (2009) "Stability of Hybrid Dynamic Systems: Analysis and Design" (Advisor: John Davis)

15. Britney Hopkins (2009) "Multiplicity of Positive Solutions of Even-Order Nonhomogeneous Boundary Value Problems" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

14. Leslie Jones (2009) "Adding Machines" (Advisor: Brian Raines)

13. Andrea Bruder (2009) "Applied left-definite theory: the Jacobi polynomials, their Sobolev orthogonality, and self-adjoint operators" (Advisor: Lance Littlejohn)

12. Dywayne Nicely (2008) "Restarting the Lanczoz Algorithm for Large Eigenvalue Problems and Linear Equations" (Advisor: Ron Morgan)

11. James Rogers (2007) "Adaptive Methods for the Helmholtz Equation with Discontinuous Coefficients at an Interface" (Advisor: Qin Sheng)

10. Joshua Buckner (2007) "On Rings with Distinguished Ideals and their Modules" (Advisor: Manfred Dugas)

9. Billy Jackson (2007) "A General Linear Systems Theory on Time Scales: Transforms, Stability, and Control" (Advisor: John Davis)

8. Curtis Kunkel (2007) "Positive Solutions of Singular Boundary Value Problems" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

7. John Ehrke (2007) "A Functional Approach to Positive Solutions of Boundary Value Problems" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

6. Michael Gray (2006) "Uniqueness Implies Uniqueness and Existence for Nonlocal Boundary Value Problems for Third Order Ordinary Differential Equations" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

5. Mariette Maroun (2006) "Existence of Positive Solutions to Singular Right Focal Boundary Value Problems" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

4. Ding Ma (2005) "Uniqueness Implies Uniqueness and Existence for Nonlocal Boundary Value Problems for Fourth Order Differential Equations" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

3. Basant Karna (2004) "Comparison of Smallest Eigenvalues and Extremal Points" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

2. Jeffrey DaCunha (2004) "Lyapunov Stability and Floquet Theory for Nonautonomous Linear Dynamic Systems on Time Scales" (Advisor: John Davis)

1. Parmjeet Singh (2003) "Existence of Positive Solutions to Singular Boundary Value Problems" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)