Former Ph.D. Students

The department's first Ph.D. graduate, Parmjeet Singh, with her advisor, Dr. Johnny Henderson, in 2003

Baylor's Ph.D. students in Mathematics

58. Isaac Michael (2019) "On Birman-Hardy-Rellich-type Inequalities" (Advisor: Fritz Gesztesy/Lance Littlejohn)

57. O. Tate Kernell (2019) "Preconditioning Mixed Finite Elements for Tide Models" (Advisor: Robert C. Kirby)

56. Chong Sun (2019) "Stable Up-Downind Finite Difference Methods for Solving Heston Stochastic Volatility Equations" (Advisor: Qin Sheng)

55. Eric K. Swindle (2019) "Spectral Properties of Quantum Graphis with Symmetry" (Advisor: Jonathan M. Harrison)

54. Katie Elliott (2019) "The Sixth-Order Krall Differential Expression and Self-Adjoint Operators" (Advisor: Lance Littlejohn)

53. David Armour (2018) "Similarity of Blocks in Parabolic Category O and a Wonderful Correspondence for Modules of Covariants" (Advisor: Markus Hunziker)

52. Tiffany Jones (2018) "Conventional and Asymptotic Stabilities of Decomposed Compact Methods for Solving Highly Oscillatory Wave Problems" (Advisor: Tim Sheng)

51. John Osborn (2018) "Moment Representations of Exceptional Orthogonal Polynomials" (Advisor: Constanze Liaw)

50. Dale Frymark (2018)"Boundary Conditions associated with Left-Definite Theory and the Spectral Analysis of Iterated Rank-One Perturbations Field: Operator Theory and Functional Analysis." (Advisor: Constanze Liaw)

49. Brian C. Pennington (2018)"Boundary Data Smoothness for Solutions of Nonlocal Boundary Value Problems for nth Order Differential Equations" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

48. Jordan Courtemanche (2017) "Local Automorphisms of Finitary Incidence Algebras" (Advisors: Manfred Dugas and Daniel Herden)

47. Josh Padgett (2017) "Solving Degenerate Stochastic Kawarada Partial Differential Equations" (Advisor: Tim Sheng)

46. Reeve Hunter (2016) "The Specification Property and Chaos in Multidimensional Shift Spaces and General Compact Metric Spaces" (Advisor: Brian Raines)

45. Nathan Averbeck (2016) "Chaos in Dendritic and Circular Julia Sets" (Advisor: Brian Raines)

44. Tim Tennant (2016) "Chaotic Properties of Set-Valued Dynamical Systems" (Advisor: Brian Raines)

43. Charles F. Nelms Jr. (2016) "Eigenvalue Comparison Theorems for Certain Boundary Value Problems and Positive Solutions for a Fifth Order Singular Boundary Value Problem" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

42. Quinn Wicks (2016) "Glazman-Krein-Naimark Theory, Left-Definite Theory, and the Square of the Legendre Polynomials Differential Operator" (Advisors: Lance Littlejohn and Constanze Liaw)

41.Brian Streit (2015) "Conformal Mapping Methods for Spectral Zeta Function Calculations" (Advisor: Klaus Kirsten)

40. Curtis Graham (2015) "Boundary Conditions Dependence of Spectral Zeta Functions" (Advisor: Klaus Kirsten)

39. Huy V. Nguyen (2015) "Krylov Methods for Solving a Sequence of Large Systems of Linear Equations" (Advisor: Ron Morgan)

38. Zhao Yang (2015) "A Multigrid Krylov method for Eigenvalue Problems" (Advisor: Ron Morgan and Jonatan Lenells)

37. Dylan Poulsen (2015) "Stability and Control of Stochastic Time Scales" (Advisor: John M. Davis)

36. James Kelly (2015) "Inverse Limits with Ireducible Set-valued Functions" (Advisor: David Ryden)

35. Brian Brennan (2015) "Numerical Analysis of a Multi-Physics Model for Trace Gas Sensors" (Advisor: Robert C. Kirby)

34. Jordan Alexander (2014) "On quasi-dominant weights and Hilbert series of determinantal varieties" (Advisor: Markus Hunziker)

33. Jessica D. Stewart (2014) "Spectral Analysis of the Exceptional Laguerre and Jacobi Equations" (Advisor: Lance Littlejohn)

32. Bradley Wagner (2014)"Finitary Incidence Algebras" (Advisor: Manfred Dugas)

31. Geoff Eisenbarth (2013) "Quadratic Lyapunov Theory for Dynamic Linear Switched Systems." (Advisor: John Davis)

30. Gail Ann Hartsock (2013) "A Combinatorial Property of Bernstein-Gelfand-Bernstein Resolutions of Unitary Highest Weight Modules" (Advisor: Markus Hunziker)

29. Xueyan Liu (2013) "Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions of Boundary Value Problems by Matching Solutions" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

28. Kelly Fouts Aceves (2013) "On a Ring Associated to F[x]" (Advisor: Manfred Dugas)

27. Shawn Sutherland (2013) "Existence of Positive Solutions to Right Focal Three Point Singular Boundary Value Problems" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

26. Pedro Morales (2012) "Spectral Functions for Generalized Piston Configurations" (Advisor: Klaus Kirsten)

25. Casey Sherman (2012) "Orbit Structures of Homeomorphisms" (Advisor: Brian Raines)

24. Jose Franco (2012) "Global SL(2,R) Representations of the Schrödinger Equation with Time-dependent Potentials" (Advisor: Mark Sepanski)

23. Jeffrey Neugebauer (2011) "Comparison of Smallest Eigenvalues and Extremal Points for Third and Fourth Order Three Point Boundary Value Problems" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

22. Brent Hamilton (2011) "Asymptotic Arc-Components in Inverse Limits of Dendrites" (Advisor: Brian Raines)

21. Jeffrey Lyons (2011) "Boundary Data Smoothness for Solutions of Nonlocal Boundary Value Problems" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

20. Brian Williams (2010) "Indecomposability in Inverse Limits" (Advisor: David Ryden)

19. Drew Pruett (2010) "Diagrams and Reduced Decompositions for Cominuscule Flag Varieties and Affine Grassmannians" (Advisor: Markus Hunziker)

18. Davut Tuncer (2009) "The Left-Definite Spectral Analysis of the Legendre-type Differential Equation" (Advisor: Lance Littlejohn)

17. Alexander Cornelius (2009) "Inverse Limits of Set-Valued Functions" (Advisor: David Ryden)

16. Alice Ramos (2009) "Stability of Hybrid Dynamic Systems: Analysis and Design" (Advisor: John Davis)

15. Britney Hopkins (2009) "Multiplicity of Positive Solutions of Even-Order Nonhomogeneous Boundary Value Problems" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

14. Leslie Jones (2009) "Adding Machines" (Advisor: Brian Raines)

13. Andrea Bruder (2009) "Applied left-definite theory: the Jacobi polynomials, their Sobolev orthogonality, and self-adjoint operators" (Advisor: Lance Littlejohn)

12. Dywayne Nicely (2008) "Restarting the Lanczoz Algorithm for Large Eigenvalue Problems and Linear Equations" (Advisor: Ron Morgan)

11. James Rogers (2007) "Adaptive Methods for the Helmholtz Equation with Discontinuous Coefficients at an Interface" (Advisor: Tim Sheng)

10. Joshua Buckner (2007) "On Rings with Distinguished Ideals and their Modules" (Advisor: Manfred Dugas)

9. Billy Jackson (2007) "A General Linear Systems Theory on Time Scales: Transforms, Stability, and Control" (Advisor: John Davis)

8. Curtis Kunkel (2007) "Positive Solutions of Singular Boundary Value Problems" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

7. John Ehrke (2007) "A Functional Approach to Positive Solutions of Boundary Value Problems" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

6. Michael Gray (2006) "Uniqueness Implies Uniqueness and Existence for Nonlocal Boundary Value Problems for Third Order Ordinary Differential Equations" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

5. Mariette Maroun (2006) "Existence of Positive Solutions to Singular Right Focal Boundary Value Problems" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

4. Ding Ma (2005) "Uniqueness Implies Uniqueness and Existence for Nonlocal Boundary Value Problems for Fourth Order Differential Equations" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

3. Basant Karna (2004) "Comparison of Smallest Eigenvalues and Extremal Points" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)

2. Jeffrey DaCunha (2004) "Lyapunov Stability and Floquet Theory for Nonautonomous Linear Dynamic Systems on Time Scales" (Advisor: John Davis)

1. Parmjeet Singh (2003) "Existence of Positive Solutions to Singular Boundary Value Problems" (Advisor: Johnny Henderson)


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