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Lecture Series

The Department of Mathematics has three different annual lecture series: the Baylor Lecture Series in Mathematics, the Baylor Undergraduate Lecture Series in Mathematics, and the Life Experiences in Mathematics Series.

Funds for each of these lecture series are made available from the Baylor administration; special thanks to Dean Lee Nordt of the College of Arts and Sciences for his generous financial support.

Baylor Lecture Series in Mathematics

The purpose of this lecture series, which began in 2007, is to bring in mathematicians who are nationally and internationally recognized for their research and contributions to mathematics. Each lecturer will give two lectures during their visit; specifically, they will give a public lecture accessible to a general audience as well as a special departmental colloquium lecture aimed at the mathematics faculty together with our undergraduate mathematics students and our graduate students.

Baylor Undergraduate Lecture Series in Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics at Baylor University initiated this lecture series in 2008 aimed at undergraduate and graduate students as well as area high school students and high school teachers of mathematics. Lecturers chosen for this series will be renowned mathematicians with a special penchant for teaching mathematics and a clear enthusiasm for the subject. The goal of this series is to interest and attract students to mathematics and mathematics education. Each lecturer will give two talks during their visit, a public lecture aimed at a general audience and a departmental colloquium directed towards our undergraduate mathematics majors.

Life Experiences in Mathematics Series

This lecture series debuted in the Department of Mathematics in February 2010. The intent of this series is to demonstrate to Baylor's students the usefulness and wide applicability of mathematics in various academic, business, and industrial disciplines. We aim to bring in former Baylor students to give one lecture, aimed at our undergraduates and graduate students, which addresses how their mathematical skills and logical training have helped build their successful careers.

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