Requirements for the Ph.D. Degree

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The Ph.D. degree in Mathematics requires a minimum of 72 hours of study, which must include at least 48 hours of approved graduate level courses and at least 12 hours of dissertation credit (MTH 6V99).

Other requirements include two qualifying examinations, a preliminary examination, and a defense of the dissertation. There is no foreign language requirement for the Ph.D. degree. For further information on requirements, click on Graduate FAQs.

Required Core Courses

Twenty-one hours from the following:

  • MTH 5310 Advanced Abstract Algebra I
  • MTH 5311 Advanced Abstract Algebra II
  • MTH 5323 Theory of Functions of Real Variables I
  • MTH 5324 Theory of Functions of Real Variables II
  • MTH 5330 Topology
  • MTH 5331 Algebraic Topology I
  • MTH 5350 Complex Analysis
  • MTH 5360 Applied Mathematics I
  • MTH 5361 Applied Mathematics II

Students must earn a grade of B or better in each of the seven core courses. Furthermore, the seven core courses must include MTH 5310, 5323, 5330, and 5350.


Any course approved for the Master of Science degree in Mathematics, any MTH or STA course at the 6000 level or other electives only as approved by the Department of Mathematics

  • MTH 6V99 (12 hours)


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