MTH 1309 - Calculus for Business Students

Text: Calculus and Its Applications , 10th edition
Marvin L. Bittinger, Addison Wesley Publishers

Detailed Course Description

Graphs & Equations
Functions and Models
Finding Domain and Range
Slope and Linear Functions
Other Types of Functions

Limits and Continuity: Numerically & Graphically
Limits: Algebraically
Average Rates of Change
Differentiation Using Limits of Difference Quotients
Differentiation Techniques: The Power & Sum-Difference Rules
Instantaneous Rates of Change: Business Applications
Differentiation Techniques: The Product & Quotient Rules
The Chain Rule
Higher-Order Derivatives

Using First Derivatives to Find Maximum & Minimum Values and Sketch Graphs
Using Second Derivatives to Find Maximum and Minimum Values and Sketch Graphs
Using Derivatives to Find Absolute Maximum & Minimum Values
Maximum-Minimum Problems: Business & Economics Applications

Exponential Functions
Logarithmic Functions
Applications: The Uninhibited Growth Model
Applications: Decay

Area and Definite Integrals
Limits of Sums and Accumulations
Properties of Definite Integrals
Integration Techniques: Substitution

Present and Future Value of Income Streams

Functions of Several Variables
Partial Derivatives
Higher-Order Partial Derivatives
Maximum-Minimum Problems
An Application: The Least-Squares Technique
Constrained Maximum & Minimum Values
Lagrange Multipliers