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Jennifer Mothersole
M.S. Mathematics

Jennifer Mothersole

A Destiny Realized

Ever since Jennifer Mothersole remembers, she has always loved math. "Growing up, I would always do my math homework first because it interested me the most," she says. "Numbers just always seemed to make sense."

The Fort Worth native arrived at Baylor, following reluctantly at first, in the footsteps of her parents. "They both graduated in 1979, but if you asked me if I would go to Baylor when I first started high school, I probably would have said no."

Even with Jennifer's preconceived notions regarding her green and gold legacy, her experience has greatly exceeded her expectations. "I expected to enjoy classes, but I never expected to enjoy it all this much," she says. "Whenever I go home for a short break, I am always ready to go back after a few days."

Trickle Down Theory

She says that even though her classes as a freshman could be as large as 50, in her upper level applied mathematics classes, she is generally surrounded by just seven to ten. "I enjoy those classes the most because you get a chance to know everyone else in the class," the Fort-Worth native says. "I have found that everyone at Baylor wants to learn so they take class seriously."

Jennifer has taken the opportunity to know her math professors, who she respects and finds helpful. "Even if it seems like I am in their office every week, they have never tired of answering my questions," she says.

Big Numbers, Big Plans

Now in her junior year, she is ready to commit her life to actuarial science, which is a discipline that uses math and statistics to assess risk for the insurance and finance industries. "As of right now, I have already passed the first actuarial exam and I plan on taking the second exam next year," Jennifer says. "in addition, I am also planning on attending graduate school part time to work towards an MBA while working full time."