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Eric Bunch
B.S. Math

Eric Bunch

Small Classes

Eric Bunch left the big city for the small classroom. "The main reason that I came to Baylor was the small class sizes compared to the other universities," the Fort Worth native says. "My classes have never been more than 35 people, which I appreciate."

The junior used to be a physics major but discovered a passion for math as he was taking some requisite courses. "As I took more math classes, I realized that I enjoyed my math classes more," Eric says. "So I exchanged my physics major for a minor, and started learning math with more vigor by taking more math classes."

Helpful Faculty

The faculty, fueling the curriculum and instruction, is one of the reasons why he feels his experience has been so positive. "The professors that I have taken classes from are always willing to give help when I am struggling, and always treat students with respect," Eric says. "And they welcome students into their offices when we need help with homework."

Even outside of classroom learning, he has found ways on campus to get involved in his areas of study. He is a member of the Baylor University Mathematics Society and the Baylor Chapter of the Society of Physics Students. "There are definitely enough activities and organizations at Baylor that anyone can participate in the university community."

As an upperclassman, Eric has hindsight to see that he's made the right choice. "I am extremely glad I chose to come to Baylor," he says. "The students and faculty here impress me every day."

Back to the Future

He plans to go to graduate school to earn his Ph.D. in mathematics after graduation and hopes to become a professor.