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Meaghan McNeill
B.S. Math

Meaghan McNeill

An Unlikely Major

Meaghan McNeill did not come to Baylor intending to study math. "I enrolled in Calculus III on a whim for my second semester, and I quickly remembered my love for math," Meaghan says. "The math professors are all incredible, and the small size of the department lets students feel knowledgeable and involved."

After attending a high school that emphasized broad education and academic rigor, she looked for these same qualities when selecting a university. "At Baylor, I found all I wanted and more," the sophomore math and biology major says.

A Caring Faculty

She finds that one of the greatest distinctions of the math department is the faculty, which she finds highly knowledgeable, caring and always willing to help out. "They really care about what is going on in their students' lives and lend their aid when they can," Meaghan says. "Many professors keep up with their students long after class has finished for the semester."

She also feels that the instruction she receives is preparing her for life outside of college. "While my classes do not teach me exactly what will come across my desk at a future job, I am being prepared for life after college," she says. "these classes, professors, and fellow students shape my mind and help me develop skills that will allow me to adapt to whatever I decide to do after college."

Involvement with the Baylor Community

With the future still a million miles away for this 19-year-old, she is concentrating on her studies and enjoying the community around her. "I feel involved in the Baylor community, especially through the close connections of my Baylor Interdisciplinary Core classes and through my residence hall," Meaghan says. With an extensive variety of clubs and organizations on campus, she feels that involvement with these groups have helped her make a successful transition to college life.

In addition, she finds Baylor's Christian mission to be a very important part of her college experience, pervading the classroom, her social life and her personal spirituality. "I feel comfortable expressing and exploring my faith among professors and peers who have many of the same ideals I have," Meaghan says. "I am excited to attend church with many of my classmates, something I never experienced in high school."