Ron Morgan

Ron Morgan
Professor of Mathematics
Associate Department Chair
Undergraduate Advisor
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Professor of Mathematics

Ph.D., University of Texas

Academic Interests and Research:
Dr. Morgan's research interest is numerical analysis, more specifically large linear equations and eigenvalue problems.  Some matrices are large enough and scary enough, computationally speaking, to be called Monster Matrices .  See Personal Webpage for more info.

Selected Publications:

"Two-grid and Multiple-grid Arnoldi for Eigenvalues," SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 40 (2018), pp. A3470--A3494 (with Zhao Yang).

"Weighted Inner Products for GMRES and GMRES-DR", SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 39 (2017), pp. S610–S632 (with Mark Embree and Huy Nguyen).

"GMRES with deflated restarting," SIAM J. Sci. Comput. 24 (2002), 20-37.

"On restarting the Arnoldi method for large nonsymmetric eigenvalue problems," Math. Comp. 65 (1996), 1213-1230.

"A restarted GMRES method augmented with eigenvectors," SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl. 16 (1995), 1154-1171.

"Computing interior eigenvalues of large matrices," Linear Algebra Appl. 154/156 (1991), 289-309.

"Generalizations of Davidson's method for computing eigenvalues of sparse symmetric matrices," SIAM J. Sci. Statist. Comput. 7 (1986), 817-825, (with David S. Scott).

Former Ph.D. Students:

Zhao Yang (2015) "A Multigrid Krylov Method for Eigenvalue Problems"

Huy Nguyen (2015) "Krylov Methods for Solving a Sequence of Large Systems of Linear Equations"

Quan Liu (2014) [Co-Advisor with Dr. Walter Wilcox of Physics] "Thomas-Fermi Quark Model and Techniques in Lattice QCD"

Dywayne Nicely (2008) "Restarting the Lanczos Algorithm for Large Eigenvalue Problems and Linear Equations"

Dean Darnell (2006) [Co-Advisor with Dr. Walter Wilcox of Physics] "Strange Quark Contribution to the Nucleon"

Min Zeng (1996) "Finding Interior Eigenvalues of Large Nonsymmetric Matrices"

Courses taught at Baylor:

  • MTH 1309 - Calculus for Business Students
  • MTH 1320 - Precalculus
  • MTH 1321 - Calculus I
  • MTH 1322 - Calculus II
  • MTH 2321 - Calculus III
  • MTH 2311 - Linear Algebra
  • MTH 3323 - Intro to Analysis
  • MTH 3324 - Numerical Methods
  • MTH 3325 - Ordinary Differential Equations
  • MTH 3326 - Partial Differential Equations
  • MTH 4322 - Numerical Analysis
  • MTH 4326 - Advanced Calculus I
  • MTH 4327 - Advanced Calculus II
  • MTH 4328 - Numerical Linear Algebra
  • MTH 5361 - Applied Math II



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