Markus Hunziker

Markus Hunziker
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Undergraduate Advisor
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Associate Professor of Mathematics


Ph. D., University of California, San Diego, 1997 (Advisor: N. Wallach)
Dipl. Phil. II, University of Basel, 1993 (Advisor: H. Kraft)


Dr. Hunziker joined the Baylor faculty in 2004. Prior to coming to Baylor he was teaching at Brandeis University (1997-2000) and at the University of Georgia (2000-2004). Dr. Hunziker is originally from Basel, Switzerland. He came to the USA for graduate school in 1993. He is married to Kyunglim Nam and has a two children: Tobias, who was born in March 2007, and Hana, who was born in December 2008. He enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time with his family and friends.

Academic Interests and Research

Dr. Hunziker's research area is the representation theory of Lie groups and related algebraic geometry and combinatorics.

Selected Publications

(with M. Sepanski and R. Stanke) The minimal representation of the conformal group and classical solutions to the wave equation, J. Lie Theory 22 (2012), 301-360.

(with M. Sepanski) Distinguished orbits and the L-S category of simply connected compact Lie groups, Topology Appl. 156 (2009), 2443-2451.

(with W. Graham) Multiplication of polynomials on Hermitian symmetric spaces and Littlewood-Richardson coefficients, Canad. J. Math. 61 (2009), 351-372.

(with B. Boe) Kostant modules in blocks of category O_S, Comm. in Alg. 37 (2009), 323-356.

(with T. Enright) Hilbert series and resolutions of determinantal varieties and unitary highest weight representations, J. Algebra 273 (2004), 608-639.

Ph.D. Students

Jordan Alexander
Gail Hartsock
Drew Pruett (completed degree in 2010)

Teaching Interests

Dr. Hunziker's teaching interests range from introductory calculus classes for undergraduates to specialized courses for Ph.D. students. He has also taught teacher preparation courses. In fact, one of his favorite courses he taught was a geometry course for prospective elementary teachers at the University of Georgia.

Courses taught at Baylor

MTH 1321 - Calculus I
MTH 1322 - Calculus II
MTH 2321 - Calculus III
MTH 3312 - Foundations of Combinatorics and Algebra
MTH 3325 - Ordinary Differential Equations
MTH 3350 - Structure of Modern Geometry
MTH 4V90 - Topics in Mathematics
MTH 5310 - Advanced Abstract Algebra I
MTH 5311 - Advanced Abstract Algebra II
MTH 5340 - Differential Geometry
MTH 6V13 - Advanced Topics in Algebra
MTH 6V23 - Advanced Topics in Analysis
MTH 6V43 - Advanced Topics in Representation Theory
MTH 6V99 - Dissertation


Sid Richardson Science Building
1410 S.4th Street
Waco, TX 76706

(254) 710-3561