Mathematical Physics

Mathematical physics studies conceptual frameworks which presumably describe physical phenomena. The phenomena described range from very applied nano-technology experiments to large scale properties of our universe. Mathematical disciplines involved might be very diverse and range from functional analysis to differential geometry and analytic number theory. This area is the optimal choice for students who like both disciplines, mathematics and physics, and are undecided as to which be their specialty. Research interests in this department include spectral geometry and spectral functions and their applications to quantum field theory (Casimir effect) and statistical mechanics (Bose-Einstein condensation).

Math Physics Researchers

Mathematical Physics Seminar

The Mathematical Physics Seminar meets in Sid Richardson, Room 207.
The seminar aims to cover a broad range of topics in Mathematical Physics and Harmonic Analysis. All interested parties are welcome to attend. For further information contact


Sid Richardson Science Building
1410 S.4th Street
Waco, TX 76706

(254) 710-3561