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College graduates with a bachelor's degree in mathematics have the foundation for a broad range of positions in business, industry, government, and education. Companies in the computer and communications industries employ many mathematicians, as do oil companies, banks, insurance companies, and consulting firms. Almost every branch of the federal government, including the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and the National Security Agency, employ mathematicians in various capacities.

For more details see the following:
  • The (mt) website has a wealth of information for students interested in teaching mathematics in Texas. From their site: "Texas is also experiencing a shortage in math teachers in grades 7-12, which means there's an active demand to fill these positions with talented, passionate and highly-trained educators."

  • The Mathematical Sciences Career Information website at

  • Further information for undergraduates, including summer work opportunties at Undergraduate Opportunities

  • The Mathematical Association of America's profiles of individuals at

  • Mathematical Moments (printable posters capturing applications of mathematics to several disciplines) at Mathematical Moments

  • The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Careers in Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences Booklet at For a wonderful site that discusses the question "Why Do Math?", visit

  • The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics new web page "Thinking About a Career in Applied Mathematics?". At this link, you will also be able to download their excellent brochure Careers in Applied Mathematics: Alternatives to Academia for STEM majors. This brochure includes 18 profiles of individuals educated in the math sciences and working outside of academia, and can provide ideas and insight to students or young professionals wondering what else is out there for them if they major in math-related subjects.

  • The American Statistical Association's guide to careers at

  • Information on the field of actuarial science at

  • A streaming video of Careers in Mathematics, containing interviews with mathematicians working in industry, business, and government is posted on the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute website at

  • The Association of Women in Mathematics at includes biographies of women mathematicians.

  • The Society for the Advancement of Chicano and Native Americans in Science Biography Project at profiles Chicano, Latino, and Native American mathematicians.

*From Resources for Undergraduates in Mathemetics, American Mathematical Society.


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