40 Works for Forty Years: Celebrating the Martin Museum

Forty works of art from the permanent collection have been chosen to adorn the museum walls as we celebrate forty years of operation. The works selected for this exhibition roughly represent just three percent of the Martin Museum’s holdings but are meant to represent the collection as a whole.

Museums have collected and shared artwork with communities for centuries. The role of a museum is to educate and inspire. Works of art have deep, complex stories to tell, and the museum serves as a guide to interpreting those works. This exhibition explores key themes of museum history and operations, how museums make some decisions, and tips for how to engage with artwork.

Looking at artwork is a personal, thoughtful experience, and there are many details and aspects to decipher. Looking at art is seeing beyond the surface and finding meaning in what hangs in front of you.

Your visit is a voyage with an endless landscape of interpretations and ideas to be seen. Enjoy your time here, and discover the unique stories told through our collection.