Storytelling Through Art

Original photo for collage project.
Original photo for collage project.
Collage project example.
Collage project example.


Meet an Artist in our Collection: Romare Bearden, American Artist (1911-1988) Learn about one of the artists whose work is a part of the Martin Museum of Art’s collection, and about the technique - collage. Create a collage based around a personal experience and utilize the artwork as the inspiration for a creative writing piece.

Educator Resources:

Art Lesson Plan: Storytelling through Art



  • background paper - construction paper, tag board or cardboard
  • magazine images, digital copies of photos or extra copies of actual old photos. Make sure you have permission to cut these items up up before your start.
  • Construction paper for cutting out shapes or objects to add to your art.
  • Glue - School glue or glue sticks
  • Colored pens, pencils or paint. Enhance your collage by adding your own drawings or paint to your art.

Time to Create

  1. Look at several collages created by Romare Bearden. The Smithsonian American Art Museum collection has several very nice images for this purpose. Talk about what story he might have been telling.
  2. Think of an event in your life that you could tell through pictures. Examples: a trip to a concert, flying a kite, a family celebration
  3. Gather magazine/photo images and/or cutout your own images - background scenery such as a house, building or park; items like a ball, a cake, an instrument; and people - real or like Bearden 1/2 real and 1/2 cut out of paper
  4. Lay out your pieces on an extra piece of paper to create your picture. Think about what can be further back in the picture and what should be closest to the front.
  5. Carefully remove the pieces from the back first and begin gluing them down to the final sheet of paper. If you wanted to draw or paint a background, do this before gluing down any cutouts.
  6. Let dry over night.

Share Your Work

Send a copy of your work to your teacher and/or art teacher. Explain what you learned. We love to see your creativity. Take a picture and tag us on social media or email it to


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