Exhibition Proposal Information

If you are interested in developing an exhibition with the Martin Museum of Art, please submit an online exhibition proposal. Please note that a letter of support from a Department of Art and Art History faculty member may be helpful for your review process.

Baylor Faculty: If you are interested in proposing an exhibition, please have the artist, group, or institution fill out the online exhibition proposal. Provide a letter of support for the proposal that the artist, group, or institution can upload as part of the process.

Letter of Support
A letter of support should list each Baylor Department of Art and Art History faculty member involved. The letter should explain why faculty support the artist, group, or institution, how an exhibition could benefit the Museum and the Department, and how it might be utilized in the classroom.

Museum Floor Plans
11ft 9in walls (click to see floor plans)

Gallery One
10ft wall in Gallery One (32 ft wall)
82 linear feet

Gallery Two
72 linear feet

Gallery Three
80 linear feet

Review Process
All exhibition proposals are submitted to the Martin Museum Advisory Committee for review and voting. The committee meets twice a year, in February and September, to review proposals. Once a vote is taken and a decision reached, the contact person for the proposal will be emailed regarding the outcome.

Please note that the Museum plans multiple years in advance. Depending on your preferred space, it may be up to 3 years before your exhibition can be shown, if accepted. If you have any questions, please contact us at The Martin Museum.

Martin Museum of Art

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