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Marketing and Communications to achieve university goals and objectives.

The University Marketing and Communications Division utilizes an integrated marketing approach employing a wide variety of communications tools and best practices to help the University and its schools, colleges, and departments compete for the brightest students, for gifted and dedicated faculty, for alumni and other friends eager to partner with us financially, the time and talents of volunteers, and for the entertainment dollars of patrons of our arts and athletic events.

Integrated marketing at Baylor is about creative people, with a strategic focus, working in close collaboration with university partners and sharing responsibility for the attainment of school/college or university goals and objectives. To do this, communications plans must be informed by good research and work must be integrated in such a way that individual efforts build upon and reinforce other efforts and continually increase the likelihood that the most significant goals will be realized.

The Marketing and Communications Division has a vested interest in the success of our University partners and the attainment of their goals. We join our partners in celebration of the successes of their programs and redouble our marketing and communications efforts with them to help overcome any setbacks. We do not seek an effective vendor-client relationship but a strategic partnership in which each party brings its respective expertise to help achieve shared goals.