#BaylorLights Profile: Ryan Bertelsman

August 8, 2019
Ryan Bertelsman
"I originally came to Baylor strictly for baseball ... but Baylor has definitely been way better than I could have drawn up. I thought I was coming here just for baseball, but I actually ended up getting baptized this past fall, and I've made lifelong friends in the baseball team, and outside the baseball team, and I have an awesome community group now that pushes me closer to the Lord. Classes have been great, professors have been great. I've seen professors at church or at the baseball field; they're not strangers.

"Our team chaplain, Stanton Corely, works at the BARC, an addiction recovery place. Whenever he first become our chaplain on the baseball team, he just wanted to get to know us more and just have dinner, just hang out, do whatever, go play some golf, whatever it might be. So I texted him, wanted to go eat dinner with him. I had gotten in trouble whenever I first got to Baylor, and thought I was gonna get kicked off the baseball team, but I didn't. I started telling him about that, and I was telling him about problems going on at home, and how I've had two shoulder surgeries, so baseball wasn't going how I planned it to be, and he was the person who really got me going in my walk with Christ.

"He asked me the question, 'If you were to die tonight and God asked you, "Hey, why should I let you into the kingdom of heaven?", what would you say?' And he kind of rocked me. That's what really got me to struggle with 'Am I really saved? Or have I just been a guy going to church my whole life calling myself a Christian?' So he's been really impactful for me, and a ton of guys on our team, just being a guy who, you know you can go to him for anything, whether it's spiritual, whether it's classes, whether it's baseball, whether it's you just want to hang out.

"Going into my senior year now, I've learned from Stanton how I can hopefully be a light to the younger guys coming in. Just as a guy you can go to for anything, and kind of be that guy, and kind of follow in that example."

Ryan Bertelsman
-- Senior supply chain management major
-- Varsity baseball player
-- Friendswood, TX
-- One of thousands of #BaylorLights
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