#BaylorLights Profile: Brittney Perry

August 1, 2019
Brittney Perry
"My mindset when I came to Baylor [for Line Camp] was, 'I'm gonna meet these people and never see them again. Baylor is huge. I won't see these people ever again.' It was definitely like, 'I will tell you the little, like I got two brothers and I'm from Arkansas, but nothing too deep.' Just because I was like, it's three days and whatever.

"[As a Line Camp leader,] I find my kids definitely opening up more and wishing I would have back then, because I probably would've built better relationships. It's fun that I get a little do-over this summer and get to make it my own. ...

"To see from when we meet on the first day to we're doing name games and trying to memorize names and nobody really wants to talk or share because these are nine new strangers around you. Then at the end of the week, people are crying and 'I'll miss you!' and 'I'll see you!' It's insane. ... Just seeing how close they get in those three days is really incredible, because it's something that shouldn't happen almost. Like, you're crying and telling people your deepest things that have happened to you.

"I know a lot of times people can be like, 'I don't know about Baylor.' Not even Baylor, just like college... 'I haven't really found my place.' And I feel like a lot of times it can be because you're waiting for somebody to come to you. I would love to just sit back and wait for people to come to me and be like, 'Join this!', because that's so much easier and so much more comfortable than having to put yourself out there.

"When you put yourself out there, reach out and try to really find and plug in, that's when you grow the most and change the most, find your best friends. So definitely, you get out of it what you put in. If you put positive energy into something and you go wholeheartedly with it and you're all for it, people will notice that and notice how genuine you are and you can really just get the most out of it, if you make the most of it."

Brittney Perry
-- Sophomore chemistry major
-- Baylor Line Camp student leader
-- Little Rock, AR
-- One of thousands of #BaylorLights
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