#BaylorLights Profile: Summer Hughes

June 26, 2019
Summer Hughes
"Something that's been so fun is living in the apartments kind of off campus. We are on campus, but it's away, so, we have to take the bus everywhere. I've just been amazed how the community that we built out there is so separate. Every morning we get on the bus, and it's such a family environment. People are so silly with each other. That morning bus ride and afternoon bus ride when we're all coming back home is always just so much fun.

"We have some really amazing (Campus Living & Learning) staff who have made it a point to get up from the desk and come out and be like, 'Hey guys, what's up?' and make sure that community is built. There's CL staff out there who have been a part of it. It's been amazing to be mentored by people who do that already, and to grow into that position myself.

"I think I went from being the person needing that community to the person helping cultivate that community. I do think that that is an atmosphere Baylor has tried to cultivate, and I think they're doing such a good job at U Parks specifically. Being part of the Baylor staff, I hope to help that along, because we have a very new staff coming this fall. It's neat to see each new generation that comes to Baylor has the opportunity to kind of make it what they want to be. I think the bus just really exemplifies that, because we are able to come from this small community where we’re with each other and building into each other, and then we go to the world on Baylor’s campus, and it’s fun."

Summer Hughes
-- Senior sports strategy and sales major
-- Community leader, University Parks Apartments
-- Lake Jackson, TX
-- One of thousands of #BaylorLights
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