#BaylorLights Profile: Jared Butler

June 19, 2019
Jared Butler
“Shout out to King McClure, big influence. Jake Lindsey, big influence. Tweety Carter, a Baylor basketball legend. Of course my coaches, but really those three main people I would say really helped me transition from coming into Baylor and welcoming me and showing me around Baylor.

“The relationship off the court and in the locker room was by far not what I expected. We won a big road game where it felt like everybody in the gym was against us. Going back to the locker room and throwing water bottles on people and jumping up and down was just, it was really fun. ... We’re like brothers. We’re all different in every single way; there's nobody on the team that's alike. But they're always there; we laugh all the time, literally all the time. Any time we're talking, we're laughing.

“Coach Drew is a character! He's not your prototypical coach. If you saw him anywhere else besides in basketball, you would not think he's a high-ranking basketball coach. His personality is really, really uplifting and really energetic, and it always stays the same. On my visit I was kinda suspicious, thinking that ‘There's no way he acts like this everyday.’ And turns out, he just does. Even if we're losing, whatever, he's acting the same way. I admire his faith and how strong it is and how much he brings out what he thinks about in his faith and helps us think about it at home, too.”

Jared Butler
-- Sophomore pre-business major
-- Varsity basketball player
-- La Place, LA
-- One of thousands of #BaylorLights
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