#BaylorLights Profile: Dania Buenrostro

June 10, 2019
Dania Buenrostro
"My senior year [of high school], one of my really good friends passed away, totally unexpected. She was hit by a drunk driver. This happened only a few months prior to Line Camp. It was still kind of fresh, and I didn't know how comfortable I felt sharing that, just because I knew that I was going to start crying. But I saw everybody else being so brave and so sweet and talking about what makes them them, so I shared my experiences.

"Talking about it was hard because I was like, 'I'm not over this. I'm never going to get really over it.' But they were so kind and so comforting and they were like, "We don't understand exactly what you're going through," because they haven't gone through it. But they understand pain in a different way. So it was so sweet, because they were just so comforting and wanted to walk alongside me through that, through recovering, just mentally and emotionally through that.

"When I went to visit another college, when I was touring, it was like, 'I'm not sure if I'm really wanted here.' It's just like, I didn't feel like I was at home. So then coming to Line Camp and having someone be like, 'No, we want you here. You're here for a reason. We love you.' That was so incredible."

Dania Buenrostro
-- Sophomore nursing major
-- Richmond, TX
-- One of thousands of #BaylorLights
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