#BaylorLights Profile: Elizabeth Wallace

April 23, 2019
Elizabeth Wallace
“I took [Dr. Eric Holleyman’s] Intro to Ministry class my junior year; he took time individually to mentor each student through their call to ministry. He knows my testimony and how I was called to ministry, and has walked through my calling alongside me.

“I have found myself in his office throughout college, seeking guidance and wisdom for ministry purposes, and at other times seeking guidance simply for something going on in my life. I remember going to his office one time before I left campus for the summer. I had completed all my finals and was headed off to work at Pine Cove, a Christian camp, for the second summer in a row. I was very, very unsettled about quite a few things going on in my life, and I knew I could count on Dr. Holleyman to be there for me.

“The second I knocked on his door and asked if we could talk, he immediately stopped what he was doing and gave me his full attention for the next hour and a half. I ended up in tears, holding a thousand tissues, soaking up his leadership and wisdom. He would do this for anyone. He isn't at Baylor just for academics or to make money, but because he has passion for his students and wants us to learn.”

Elizabeth Wallace
-- Senior religion major
-- Dallas, TX
-- One of thousands of #BaylorLights
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