#BaylorLights Profile: Rewon Shimray

April 16, 2019
Rewon Shimray
"When I came here, I was initially a studio art major, so that's the department I looked at and I talked to some professors, one being Mr. Greg [Lewallen]. He showed us the department, and I really loved the small atmosphere, I really liked campus. But something that really stood out to me is he told us his testimony -- and the way that he did it was very respectful of other religions, but being firm in his. And I've kind of noticed that as a trend throughout Baylor and their Christian roots, that they're very steadfast in their own faith while also being more accepting and acknowledging of others. I've really liked that about my Baylor experience. ...

"I'm really thankful to the journalism department. Every time I walk through the halls, every professor I run into, whether I've had them or not, says hi to me, knows me. ... When I first switched to journalism, there was this introductory class and [Robert Darden] taught it, and he really was intentional to affirm the abilities that he saw in me and to push me. He's also the one that suggested I work for the Lariat, which is now a huge part of my life.

"I realized that my time here at Baylor, that I actually want to go into mission work. So the idea is to do journalistic writing and graphic design for a non-profit organization, like a mission organization. I've had a couple internships with different churches or non-profit organizations. I'm looking to go into seminary at Truett after graduation.

"Having professors like [Professor] Darden and Dr. Brad Owens, and seeing how they were so passionate about journalism and the truth in that -- how telling people's stories is able to bring attention to people who are otherwise ignored, bring them to the conversation -- I just saw how important and how powerful writing and visual communications can be. I think, also, just in my personal walk with God, I saw how important God was. And so the idea of being able to combine those two is really exciting to me."

Rewon Shimray
-- Junior journalism major
-- Austin, TX
-- One of thousands of #BaylorLights
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