#BaylorLights Profile: Savvy Cooper

March 19, 2019
Savvy Cooper
"I met Dr. [Mia] Moody-Ramirez through NABJ (National Association of Black Journalists). As a fellow black woman in journalism, she's given me examples of what she’s gone through and what she's done in certain situations, where you're at a fork in the road, versus just lecturing at me, or kind of being like ‘Oh well, you should do this, if I were you.’ She can give me actual real-life examples, what happened to her, so that's really awesome.

"It's so important to know that someone who looks like you can do it too. That someone who looks like you did it before you. ... Matriculating through Baylor is hard enough, regardless of your major, regardless of how prepared you felt coming in. College is tough. It's a difficult four years, and seeing someone who physically looks like you, who you know has gone through what you've gone through, is that great extra nudge of motivation.

"When you know you're in Moody at an ungodly hour, and you realize that the light outside is the sun coming up again, it’s just that great motivation and push that you can do it, too. That's really just what representation does as a whole. It just breaks the glass ceiling, opens the door, paves the way for someone else who looks like you to do it, too. Diversity enriches our campus; it makes us so much better as a university, as just a place as a whole. Baylor is so great, and we shouldn't just limit ourselves to what we have now... There's a place here for everyone. You can find a home here, regardless of what you look like."

Savvy Cooper
-- Senior journalism major
-- Charlotte, N.C.
-- One of thousands of #BaylorLights
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