#BaylorLights Profile: Michael Huerter

March 4, 2019
Michael Huerter
"I'm part of a group called the Bernard Ramm Scholars Program It's a group of graduate students -- some MDiv students from Truett, and then some science students in various STEM fields. It's meant to just facilitate conversation about the interaction between faith and science, and the challenges that we can face with that in each of our separate fields.

"We've talked about how, for those of us who are seminarians, it's difficult for us who want to be intellectually rigorous and engaging with science and those kind of things when we go into ministry contexts where, for a lot of people, that's threatening. Or on the other side, people who are in science fields feel like they're unable to bring their faith to their fields, where any kind of religious outlook can be seen as a threat in some science circles. ...

"I want to have made people think, and expose people to different perspectives that they may not have gotten otherwise. An example of that would be, in almost all of my classes at Truett, I'm the only person who's not a Baptist. I grew up in an another denomination called Brethren in Christ. They're not wildly different, but there are some differences. That's always an interesting experience for me, knowing that I'm kind of the odd one out in that regard. But it also gives me a unique opportunity to offer perspectives that people don't necessarily have, coming from a different cultural sphere, not being in the South and the Bible Belt and having grown up in a different place with people of different perspectives and values.

"I hope to do that in ways that are considerate and gentle... I see myself having more of an impact in terms of individual people and relationships rather than on the student body or in kind of a public sense. Even when I was thinking about, what does it mean to be a light... Maybe I can provide that for somebody else -- to be present with them in a way that they can come to some recognition or discernment of who they are, what they want to do, what God is telling them to do and be... Something really special can happen when we're able to both be present with people over the long term of day-to-day life, and sit with them in the really challenging and hard moments when there's nothing you can do to fix anything."

Michael Huerter
-- Master of Divinity/Master of Music student
-- Annville, PA
-- One of thousands of #BaylorLights
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