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The best and the brightest excel at Baylor. And each member of the Baylor Family past, present and future brings their own bright spirit to our beautiful campus. That’s why we say “lights shine bright” here. Whether you’re a student or a parent, faculty or staff, with God in your heart, Baylor spirit in your soul, and green and gold on your back, you can light up the world.

Step into the Baylor Story

Dec. 10, 2018
#BaylorLights Profile: Pamela Wei
"I met my best friend, Sarah Webber, in the first week of college. ... She brought me to Christ. ... She loved me so well. I didn’t realize that was her investing in me, but she loved me so, so well, and eventually she brought me to Christ. She was the first real friend I’d ever had, and after that I joined the Chinese church community and people there, and instantly found a home away from home."
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Dec. 3, 2018
#BaylorLights Profile: Zach Mills
"A lot of Ph.D. programs think of you as a brain on a stick. ... But it was clear that that wasn’t the case at #Baylor. As I talked to faculty, as I was getting to know the program, they wanted to know about my family, about my job, about my whole self, not just my academic self."
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Nov. 26, 2018
#BaylorLights Profile: Gabriela Fierro
"Baylor kind of opened the door for me to say, 'No, I can do both.' I can be proud of who I am and bring in other people to celebrate that while enjoying other cultures around me. At Baylor, I feel like I can be myself."
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Nov. 19, 2018
#BaylorLights Profile: Dakota Henry
"Baylor wasn’t my initial choice; I wanted to get out and explore the world. But Baylor felt like home in a way that I wasn’t expecting. The first time I stepped on campus, I encountered so many kind people, it was different than any environment I had seen before on a college campus. "
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Nov. 12, 2018
#BaylorLights Profile: Folake Obasanya
"My organization's advisor, Lizzy Davis, is such a light in my life, and I love her so much. ... She’s been my friend, my mentor, my counselor, my sponsor, everything you can imagine. She’s the reason I’m here today and my mental sanity is what it is, because I honestly don’t know where I’d be without her. For sure, she is a light in my life, an amazing individual."
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Aug. 6, 2018
#BaylorLights Profile: Brooke Blevins
Brooke Blevins wants students to know they don't have to wait until they're adults to get engaged in making a difference in their community. This summer she'll work with 100 sixth- through ninth-graders during an intensive week-long camp focused on civics.
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Jul. 24, 2018
#BaylorLights Profile: Dr. Tisha Emerson
Putting a price on what someone is willing to pay to protect or improve the environment is a focus for Dr. Tisha Emerson, the Ben H. Williams Professor of Economics. She is also known for integrating research in the classroom as a way to help her students learn.
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Jul. 9, 2018
#BaylorLights Profile: Dr. Seung Kim
More than 75 percent of cancer patients in developing countries discover their cancer in a late stage. Dr. Seung Kim wants to change that.
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Baylor stands apart as a Christian research university — a position that empowers our aspiration to become America's preeminent Christian research university. Illuminate, Baylor University's Academic Strategic Plan, has one overarching goal: To bring light to the world as we accelerate our quest toward preeminence as a Christian research university, building on Baylor's historic strengths and strategically investing in new areas of research and service.

Give Light is a $1.1 billion comprehensive campaign for the future of Baylor University. The campaign undergirds Illuminate, the University's Academic Strategic Plan, and will impact every aspect of campus life, from academics and athletics to student life and global engagement.

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