Where Lights Shine Bright

The best and the brightest excel at Baylor. And each member of the Baylor Family past, present and future brings their own bright spirit to our beautiful campus. That’s why we say “lights shine bright” here. Whether you’re a student or a parent, faculty or staff, with God in your heart, Baylor spirit in your soul, and green and gold on your back, you can light up the world.

Step into the Baylor Story

Jul. 11, 2019
#BaylorLights Profile: Corban Sorrells
"Chamber really prides itself on hard work, humility and unity, and I think that Wesley was the perfect embodiment of those three traits. He really emphasized humble service and really taught me what that looks like on a day-to-day basis, and when it comes to events, what it means to do the dirty work that other people don't necessarily enjoy doing, but needs to get done at the end of the day."
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Jul. 11, 2019
#BaylorLights Profile: Niann Siriboon
“I'm a part of First in Line, which is first-generation college students. I actually became a mentor after that because I just really love the program so much, and I met some good friends from that program."
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Jul. 8, 2019
#BaylorLights Profile: Jada Holliday
"I like to say Baylor is the place where I fell in love with Jesus. I always knew who Jesus was, but it was the individuals and the people who intentionally invested into my life that really showed me who the person of the Lord was. And I just fell in love."
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Jul. 1, 2019
#BaylorLights Profile: Joseph Quaas
“Baylor is an incredibly wonderful place. I honestly never thought that I'd want to go here, but now, it's honestly one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I'm absolutely enjoying every day of it.”
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Jun. 26, 2019
#BaylorLights Profile: Summer Hughes
"I think I went from being the person needing that community to the person helping cultivate that community. I do think that that is an atmosphere Baylor has tried to cultivate... It's neat to see each new generation that comes to Baylor has the opportunity to kind of make it what they want to be."
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Jun. 19, 2019
#BaylorLights Profile: Jared Butler
“Coach Drew is a character! He's not your prototypical coach. ... Even if we're losing, whatever, he's acting the same way. I admire his faith and how strong it is and how much he brings out what he thinks about in his faith and helps us think about it at home, too.”
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Jun. 10, 2019
#BaylorLights Profile: Dania Buenrostro
"When I went to visit another college, when I was touring, it was like, 'I'm not sure if I'm really wanted here.' It's just like, I didn't feel like I was at home. So then coming to Line Camp and having someone be like, 'No, we want you here. You're here for a reason. We love you.' That was so incredible."
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May 28, 2019
#BaylorLights Profile: Tanaka Tava
"The moment that I met Greg, I knew. It was an instant connection of just brotherhood and bonding. We have very similar backgrounds, but are still definitely very different. He's from Waco. I'm from a big city, I'm from Dallas. He's more conservative. I'm more liberal. Honestly, on paper, everything that he likes and everything that I like, we're not supposed to be friends. But I guess the one thing that united us is our love for Christ..."
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Baylor stands apart as a Christian research university — a position that empowers our aspiration to become America's preeminent Christian research university. Illuminate, Baylor University's Academic Strategic Plan, has one overarching goal: To bring light to the world as we accelerate our quest toward preeminence as a Christian research university, building on Baylor's historic strengths and strategically investing in new areas of research and service.

Give Light is a $1.1 billion comprehensive campaign for the future of Baylor University. The campaign undergirds Illuminate, the University's Academic Strategic Plan, and will impact every aspect of campus life, from academics and athletics to student life and global engagement.

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