Logo Usage & Style Guide

As you would understand, Baylor  has a valuable ownership interest in its trademark properties (all rights, title and interest in its name, logos, slogans, colors, mascots and other proprietary rights), as it promotes them through extensive marketing and licensing programs associated with the University and its athletic teams.  By using the trademarks, Baylor has created an identity in which consumers recognize the quality of the goods and services coming from the University.

When people look at Baylor University's logos, they don't just see the logo. They see Baylor's rich traditions, faith, instructors, athletic events and places such as Pat Neff and the Bear Habitat. They remember their Baylor experience. To a degree, the marks and logos speak on Baylor's behalf before anyone says a word. These trademark properties represent who we are; they are a visual representation of Baylor University.

Therefore, it is vital to build and maintain a strong visual identity. To accomplish that, the marks and logos must be used in a consistent manner. They must appear the same in every instance. They must have the proper color of green and gold and in some cases brown, white and black. They must also be used in their proper proportions, and they must be used in an appropriate context.

This website establishes the guidelines for use of the university's logos and marks, such as wordmarks and spirit marks. The links to the left will assist you in the current marks available for use, screen print colors and thread colors.

We appreciate your willingness to support, protect and advance Baylor University.