Pro Texana Society

Since 1923, The Texas Collection has been synonymous with collecting, preserving and providing access to anyone interested in learning about the state of Texas, from history and literature to geology and genealogy. The Texas Collection is a unique research library established by two major gifts of 1,000 books donated by Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hazen Aynesworth of Waco, Texas. The original gift has grown to over 130,000 books, numerous newspapers and journals, rich personal archives and the official Baylor University archives.

We would like you to join us in becoming a member of the newly formed Pro Texana Society. This annual excellence fund will support the library in all areas, such as funds for purchasing new or rare marterials, expanding electronic resources, digitizing materials, hiring students or staff and making improvements to the facility. Please join today at the beginning level of $50, or at the $100 level, $500 level, $1,000 level or higher. This wonderful collection was built by the generous gifts of people like you, and, with your support, we can continue our mission of promoting and preserving The Texas Collection.

If you are interested in becoming a Pro Texana Society member, indicate "Pro Texana Society" on the note line of your check made payable to Baylor University and mail to: John Wilson, The Texas Collection, One Bear Place #97142, Waco, Texas, 76798-7142.

Utilizing Pro Texana Funds

Thank you for giving so generously to the Pro Texana Society. Since the spring 2010 issue of Viva Texas!, Pro Texana funds have been invested on several capital enhancements to The Texas Collection. A new high tech classroom has been created in the basement. Pro Texana funds provided for the painting of this room as well as for the painting of the preservation lab next door. Pro Texana funds have also been used to purchase eight, 2X3 foot hanging acrylic poster frames. These hang from the ceiling of the Guy B. Harrison, Jr. Reading Room and in the Aynesworth Entrance Foyer announcing new exhibits and welcoming guests to The Texas Collection. Funds were also expended on framing digitized covers from the Western pulp literature collection. These seven pictures welcome users to the newly refurbished microfilm room on the first floor. Please drop by The Texas Collection and see some of these improvements.