The Texas Collection appreciates your interest in donating in-kind gifts of manuscripts, books, personal or organizational papers, and similar materials. To determine if your gift meets the Collection Development Policy of The Texas Collection, please contact our Director, John Wilson or a staff member by e-mail, telephone (254)710-1268, or write to us at: One Bear Place #97142 Waco, TX 76798-7142

For additional information about donating archival materials, please visit the Society of American Archivists Site.

Materials Outside The Collection Development Policy

The following items cannot be accepted at this time. The Archivist can refer you to other Baylor University institutions and museums which may accept these donations.

  • Plaques, trophies, statues, flags, framed certificates, and ribbons
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Coins, clothes, and other 3-dimensional artifacts
  • Family Bibles (will accept copies of the genealogy page)
How to Donate Funds

Monetary gifts (both large and small) to The Texas Collection are appreciated. You may designate your gifts for particular endowment funds, for current operations of The Texas Collection, for acquisitions of rare and new books, for acquisition of archival items or collections, or for general use by the staff for enhancement of Texas Collection services or programming.

Potential donors are invited to contact the Director at (254)710-1268 or to send an e-mail message to John Wilson. The Director will be glad to discuss the process of funding general and specific needs. We invite donors to become active in expanding the work of The Texas Collection.

Texas Heritage, History, and Culture Collection Endowments
$25,000-$100,000 each

These endowments greatly enhance and strengthen the acquisitions budget of The Texas Collection. It is vitally important for the Texas Collection to be the premier Texas Library collecting, preserving, and providing access to the rich cultural heritage and history of Texas. The Texas Collection is the oldest (1923) and largest library of pure Texana in the State of Texas, devoted to collecting purely Texas materials. These types of endowments provide the necessary financial support to The Texas Collection to purchase rare printed materials, archival papers, letters, photographs, journals, and diaries when they surface on the market. These materials appear with little notice on internet auction web sites, at auctions, and from rare document and book dealers. If the Texas Collection is unable to purchase this material then much of the heritage, history and culture of Texas are lost for generations to come. Unfortunately, these materials will be purchased by private dealers and collectors, and made unavailable for use by students and researchers. To use the Texas State song as our motto: Texas, Our Texas. Let it fall to the Texas Collection of Baylor University to be the keepers of Texas heritage, history and culture.

Endowments for Speakers and Exhibits---$25,000

This endowment will provide additional discretionary funds to invite guest speakers to The Texas Collection for the expansion of knowledge of our students, faculty, and the general public Guest speakers provide a fresh approach and perspective to the body of knowledge that already exists within the university community. In addition to inviting guest speakers to campus, the endowment should allow for an exhibit of materials either physically in The Texas Collection or virtually via the Texas Collection website.