Support Poage Library

The Standing Committee is an annual giving society dedicated to the financial support of the Poage Library. It provides discretionary funds for the director to use on projects not provided for in the budget.

Ben Rogers Educational Endowment was established by Kay and Lyndon Olson in January 2015 as a permanent endowment to be used for the benefit of the Poage Library. Funds from the endowment shall be used to provide for exhibits and educational programming including, but not limited to, exhibits, guest speakers, forums and student outreach.

Bob Bullock Archive Endowment provides for the long-term preservation of these historic political and personal papers. Friends and former colleagues of Bob Bullock are being asked to keep his legacy alive by providing funds to support the upkeep of this Archive.

Hightower Book Fund was established in honor of Judge Jack Hightower. It provides funds for the purchase of signed editions to add to the Hightower Collection.