A-Z Research Topics Guide

The following topical key words may be researched using primary sources in the Baylor Collections of Political Materials. The list is provided as a first step in determining if desired research topics are likely to be found in the various collections of BCPM.

Abortion   Hightower, Poage, Steelman   1977-78
Acid Rain   Hightower   1982-84
Agriculture   Fisher, Hightower, Poage, West,   1940s-1970s
  Edwards   1991-2011
Amnesty   Fisher   1973
AMTRAK   Steelman   1970s
Anti-Semitism   Gossett   1947-1951

Belton, TX   Poage   1940s-1970s
Bicentennial Commission   Fisher, Poage, Steelman   1973-1976
Big Thicket   Dowdy, Hall, Poage, Steelman   1960s-1970s
Bluebonnet Ordinance   Poage   1947-1954
Branch Davidian Siege   Edwards   1993
Brazos River/MAP   Poage   1940s-1970s

Cameron, TX   Poage 1940s-1970s
Carrillo, O. P.       1970s
Carter, Billy   Hall   1980
Central Freight       1930s
Central Texas Veterans’ Healthcare System   Edwards   2007-2010
Chicago Board of Trade Mercantile Exchange   West   1982-1992
Civil Aeronautics Board   Fisher   1956-1974
Civil Rights   Dowdy, Fisher, Hall, Poage   1950s-1980s
Clinton Impeachment   Edwards   1998-99
Commodity Credit Corporation   Poage   1960s-1970s
Commodity Futures Trading Commission   West   1982-1992
Communism   Dowdy    
Conservation   Poage   1960s-1970s
Cooper Dam   Hall   1970s
Cotton   Fisher, Hightower, Poage   1944-1984
Criminal Justice   Hall   1977-1982

Dairy and Poultry   Fisher, Poage   1940s-1960s
Dallas, TX   Steelman   1973-1975
Davis, Kate (Sumners)   Sumners   1911-1926
District of Columbia   Dowdy   1960s-1970s
Dowdy, John   Dowdy   1969-1980
Drought/Texas Drought   Fisher, Hightower   1955-1971, 1983

Economic Development Administration, EDA   Poage   1967-1978
Education   Dowdy, Fisher, Poage   1940s-1970s
  Edwards   1991-2011
Edwards, Chet   Edwards   1983-2011
Energy   Hall, Poage, Steelman   1970-1981
Environment   Hightower, Steelman   1970s-1980s
Environmental Protection Agency, EPA   Fisher, Poage, Steelman   1970s
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, EEOC   Fisher   1970s
Equal Rights Amendment, ERA   Adams, Hall, Poage, Steelman   1970s
Ethics in Government   Hall   1979-1982
  Edwards   1991-2011

Federal Aviation Administration, FAA   Fisher   1959-1974
Farm Bill   West   1980-1981
Farm Credit   Hall   1985
Farm Products   Poage   1960s-1970s
Farmers Home Administration, FHA   Fisher, Poage   1940s-1970s
Federal Communications Commission, FCC   Fisher   1943-1974
Federal Power Commission   Fisher   1943-1974
Federal Security Agency   Fisher   1943-1953
Federal Trade Commission, FTC   Fisher   1949-1974
Federal Works Agency   Fisher   1943-1948
Firearms/Gun Control   Fisher   1965-1974
Fireman’s Pension Fund   Adams   1970s
Flood/Flood Control   Fisher, Hightower   1943-1968; 1975-1982
Food/Hunger   Poage   1960s-1970s
Foreign Affairs   Edwards   1991-2011
Fort Hood, TX   Poage   1950s-1970s
  Edwards   1991-2011

GAO, General Accounting Office   Fisher   1945-1974
General Services Administration, GSA   Fisher, Poage   1960s-1970s
Gossett, Ed Lee   Gossett   1947-1951
Grain   West   1980
Guayule   Poage   1930-1944;
Gun Control   Hall, Poage, Steelman   1970s-1980s

Hightower, Jack   Hightower   1950s-1980s
House Appropriations   Edwards   2000-2011
Housing Agencies   Fisher   1943-1962; 1979, 1981-1983
Human Services   Edwards   1991-2011
Humane Slaughter   Poage   1960s-1970s
Hunger/Food   Poage   1960s-1970s
Hunt Brothers   West   1981

Illegal Aliens   Hall   1977
Immigration/INS   Fisher, Hall, Poage, Steelman   1950s-1980s
Immigration/Displaced Persons   Gossett   1945-1949
Impeachment, Nixon   Poage, Steelman   1973-1974
Impeachment, Clinton   Edwards   1998
Interparliamentary Union   Poage   1951-1972
Interstate Commerce Commission   Fisher   1943-1974
Interstate Freight Rates   Gossett   1947-1950

James Connally Air Force Base   Poage   1950s-1960s
Johnson, Lyndon   Fisher, Poage   1940s-1970s
Judiciary Committee   Fisher, Hall   1940s-1980s

Killeen, TX   Poage   1940s-1970s

Labor   Dowdy, Fisher, Poage, Steelman   1940s-1970s

MacArthur, Gen. Douglas   Poage   1951
Marlin, TX   Poage   1940s-1970s
Marshall, TX   Hall   1980s
Meat Inspection   Poage   1971-1972
Medicare   Fisher, Hall   1965-1973; 1984
Mexican Immigrants   Hall, Poage   1950s-1960s; 1976
Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Subcommittee   Edwards   2000-2011

National Railroad Passenger Corporation, See Also, Amtrak   Poage   1970s
New York Board of Trade/Mercantile Exchange   West   1982-1992
Nixon, Richard   Poage   1973
Nuclear Energy   Hightower   1976-1983
Nuclear non-proliferation   Edwards    
Nuclear terrorism   Edwards    

Office of Economic Opportunity   Fisher   1964-1974
Office of Price Administration   Fisher   1943-1946
Oil and Gas   Fisher, Gossett   1944-1974
Oleomargarine   Poage   1949

Palestine   Gossett   1947-1951
Panama Canal   Poage   1970s
Peanuts and Pecans   Fisher, Poage, West    
Poage, W. R.   Poage   1920s-1980s
Pollution   Fisher   1970-1974
Pornography   Fisher   1949-1974
Poverty   Fisher   1943-1974
Powell, Adam Clayton   Poage   1967
Public Housing   Dowdy, Poage   1960s-1970s
Public Law 480   Poage   1960s-1970s
Public Works   Fisher   1943-1974

Railroads/Amtrak   Poage   1960s-1970s
Reconstruction Finance Corporation   Fisher   1945-1953
Refugees   Hall   1977-1984
Religious Liberty   Edwards    
Rivers and Harbors   Fisher   1943-1947
Rural Electrification Administration, REA   Fisher, Poage   1930s-1970s
Rural Programs   Poage, West   1970s

School Busing   Poage, Steelman   1960s-1970s
Selective Service   Fisher   1943-1974
Small Business Administration   Fisher   1943-1974
Smith, Sr., William   Smith   1890-1912
Social Security   Fisher, Poage   1940s-1970s
Edwards 1991-2011
Soft Drinks "Cola Wars"   Hall   1979-1980
Soil Conservation Service   Fisher, Poage   1930s-1970s
South East Asia   Hall   1978
State Children’s Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP)   Edwards    
Steelman, Alan   Steelman   1973-1976
Sugar/Sugar Beets   Poage   1960s-1970s
Sumners, Hatton   Sumners   1911-1926
Supreme Court   Fisher, Poage   1937-1978

Tariff Commission   Fisher   1945-1970
Taxes   Poage   1940s-1970s
Texas Constitution Revision   Adams, Hightower   1973-1974
Texas Legislature   Adams, Hightower, Place, Poage   1920s-1990s
Texas State Technical Institute [TSTI/TSTC]   Poage   1960s-1970s
Tidelands in Texas   Fisher, Gossett, Pickett, Poage   1940s-1950s
Tobacco   Poage, West   1960s-1980s
Tornadoes in Texas   Hightower, Poage   1953, 1979, 1984
Trade   West   1982-1992
Transportation   Hightower, Poage, Steelman   1930s; 1970s-1980s
Trinity River   Pickett, Steelman   1946-1952; 1972-76
Truman, Harry   Poage   1952

Un-American Activities   Fisher   1944-1974
United Nations   Fisher   1944-1974
Universal Military Training   Poage   1950s
University Research Programs at BU and TAMU   Edwards    
Urban Renewal   Dowdy   1960s-1972

Veterans Administration, VA   Edwards, Fisher, Hall, Poage   1940s-2010
Veterans Affairs   Edwards   1991-2011
Veterans Healthcare and Benefits   Edwards   2007-2011
Vietnam   Fisher, Hall, Poage, Steelman   1960s-1970s

Waco, TX   Poage   1940s-1970s
War;   Fisher   1942-1954
Water/Water Projects   Hightower, Pickett, Poage   1940s-1970s
Watergate   Fisher, Poage, Steelman   1973-1975
Welfare   Fisher   1943-1974
[Women’s] Equal Rights Amendment, ERA   Fisher, Steelman   1954-1974
Wool and Mohair   Fisher   1943-1974