Research Help

User Policies

The W. R. Poage Legislative Library is a research and study facility. The services provided for the University community and public include access to our historic collections, tours and special library events. The following rules ensure the proper care and handling of materials while allowing the best and most fair use of the Library for all patrons.


1. Researchers must sign the register and store their personal belongings in the lockers each day before requesting materials. Valuable items should be kept in the user’s possession.

2. Photo identification (Baylor ID, driver’s license, or other) must be presented on the user’s first visit to the Library. Since the stacks are closed to the public, users should request materials and information concerning the collections from Library personnel. Users are encouraged to discuss their research needs with the Archivists/Librarians.

3. All materials must be used in the reading room. No marks may be made on or removed from any items. Only pencils or laptops may be used in the reading room, and only books and research notes that have been approved by Library personnel may be taken into the reading room.

4. No food or drink is permitted within the reading room; users are monitored at all times.

5. Because of the fragile nature of manuscripts, rare books and periodicals, and archive materials, users are requested to exercise the utmost caution and gentleness in handling them. In some instances, use of book cradles or gloves may be required. Please preserve the order in which manuscript and archive materials are arranged within folders; if materials are discovered which appear to be disarranged, consult Library personnel. In case of accidental damage to any materials, please report the matter to Library personnel immediately.

6. When leaving the reading room, users must sign out in the presence of Library personnel and either return all library materials or request that materials be placed on hold. All items from assigned lockers should be collected.

7. Facsimile reproductions of the library’s holdings may be requested. Persons requesting copy service must sign a Photoduplication Order Form and observe its conditions. A Library staff person carries out all copy service requests.

8. Persons making use of materials or information from the holdings of this Library are reminded of the existence of libel laws and of the need for due regard for property right, literary right, and, when applicable, for copyright. The Library will not be responsible for the researcher’s infringement of any of the above laws and rights.

9. The Director of the Library should be consulted concerning any restrictions or special provisions that may apply to the Library’s holdings. When special restrictions or conditions have been placed upon the use of certain manuscripts or collections, the researcher is required to sign a separate document agreeing to such conditions.

10. Written authorization for publication or other use of the Library’s materials must be obtained from the Director of the Library. Requests for authorization should include a statement of the specific documents or portions required thereof and an indication of the areas of publication and distribution.