What is a book? :: A Book Arts Exhibit

Exploring Selections from Our Collection of Book Arts

This exhibit presents visitors with an opportunity to challenge their notion of what a book's form, function, and message can be. Created by a diverse range of artists, the pieces on exhibit in "What is a book?" were curated by Associate Dean of Libraries Sha Towers (a book artist himself) whose vision and discerning eye first shaped the scope and content of the collection. 

Where Are the Labels?

The decision to leave object labels out of the exhibit was deliberate. The cases are arranged with an eye toward engaging a broad visual representation of what a book arts piece can be. Individual object labels, which need a minimum amount of physical size to be useful, would have detracted from that experience. However, you can access our Gallery Guide to see a list of all the books in each case.

"What is a book?" Gallery Guide (PDF)

Content Note

Some works in this exhibit contain material that may be upsetting to some viewers. Please take care while viewing.

Visitor Feedback

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Virtual Exhibit

Looking for more detail on a piece? Want to see all of the curated items individually? Our digital exhibit provides basic cataloging information and links into OneSearch records for each book. Those records include materials used to make the book, dimensions, artist's statements, and more. Click the link below to visit our virtual exhibit.

"What is a book?" Virtual Exhibit

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