Learning Design Mission and Philosophy

The mission of the Learning Design Team is to cultivate a culture of innovation and curiosity through meaningful engagements with Baylor faculty that in the end will “…educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community – Baylor Mission Statement.” The Learning Design team strives to achieve this mission by: 

  • Advocating for and applying modern and creative technology enhanced learning strategies across multiple learning environments. 
  • Providing exceptional service to the Baylor community through the caring power of “Wow.” 
  • Creatively connecting and collaborating with any and all members of the Baylor community. 
  • Exploring the literature to ensure that guidance is grounded in research and best practices. 
  • Pursuing our own professional development to keep abreast of modern teaching strategies and technologies. 
  • Delivering best in practice workshops, course designs, templates and eLearning experiences. 
  • Offering consultative course reviews and feedback as part of an iterative process of course development. 

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